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De Binnenvaartkrant 32

De Binnenvaartkrant 32 22 oktober 2013 Persoonlijke professionals in de binnenvaart VISIT US AT HALL 2 STAND 2107 Keep in touch_ Scheepmakerij 360 3331 MC Zwijndrecht VSAT Telefoon 078 - 625 6000 Telefax 078 - 625 6009 email: internet: +31 (0)183 401025 | INFO@OCEANSAT.COM | WWW.OCEANSAT.COM Leverancier van ZF motorbedieningen unieke JoystickControl voorslepers enwerkboten Europort Maritime Stand1816 +31-321-382315 · · Dronten · Holland

De Binnenvaartkrant 33 22 oktober 2013 EUROPORT 2013 connecting the maritime world 5-8 november Ahoy Rotterdam OceanSat serviced over a 1.200 ships with high quality Connectivity(VSAT), TVRO, and AIS solutions OceanSat BV is an established strong partner in the maritime communications industry for Connectivity, AIS and TVRO and has with satisfactory of our customers serviced over a 1.000 ships to discover the advantages of Intellian TVRO or VSAT products. Supplying Connectivity Solutions at a competitive edge we collaborate with a number of reputable providers to be able to offer favorable communication possibilities for both regional and worldwide reception zones. Being a privately owned company based in Nieuwendijk, The Netherlands, OceanSat started in 2005 as a distributor for Intellian satellite dishes and after significant growth in 2010 the name OceanSat came into existence. In this period OceanSat started the exploitation of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) after regulations in different areas and is distributing worldwide. In 2011 OceanSat became an ISP for Straathof Controls introduceert op Europort de Joystick Control De Joystick Control combineert op unieke wijze de bediening van motoren, stuurwerk en boegschroef met één hand. In tegenstelling tot andere systemen gaat de Joystick Control uit van een statische situatie. Als de Joystick Control niet wordt beroerd, staan de motoren in neutraal, het roer in de midden en draait de boegschroef niet. Als de Joystick Control in een bepaalde richting wordt bewogen, worden overeenkomstige voortstuwers gestart en beweegt het schip in de aangegeven richting. De Joystick Control werkt volledig proportioneel, hoe meer de joystick uit de midden wordt bewogen hoe heftiger de actie c.q. hoe hoger de snelheid. Straathof Controls introduces on Europort Maritime their new Joystick Control. The Joystick Control combines in a unique way the control of engines, steering gear and bowthruster with one hand. Contrary to other systems starts the Joystick Control in a static situation. If the Joystick Control is untouched, the engines are in neutral, the rudder is in middle position and the bowthruster is off. As soon as the Joystick Control is moved in a certain direction, the corresponding propulsion systems will start and the ship moves in the desired direction. The Joystick Control works in a proportional way, the more the Joystick is moved out of the centre position, the more action is given e.g. the more speed is generated. maritime data services as well. With our in depth based technical knowledge of designing and implementation of maritime communication solutions OceanSat helps to increase your operational efficiency and improve your business processes. This is done by delivering high quality Connectivity(VSAT,FBB,Iri dium,Thuraya or combinations of this), satellitetelephone, TVRO, and AIS solutions to maritime companies, with a focus on maintaining long-term fruitful relationships with our customers and partners. In addition Oceansat also starts offering the Marliant Non-stop computing platform, Telehealth healthcare and remote patient monitoring systems and Crew Wellfare Entertainment (IPTV) for seagoing vessels or off-shore installations. Fred Maartens (OceanSat’s CEO) firmly believes in every company’s own specific requirements. This could be full implementation of an ERP system on the total, video conferencing, weather routing and regular ECDIS updates or remote IT solutions. Integrating the right set of Connectivity Solutions requires clear insight in cost, coverage which matches your sailing pattern, and a partner who understands the technical specifications. OceanSat, a leader in airtime, below-deck equipment and installation At OceanSat we investigate what the benefit will be for implementing a VSAT Connectivity Solution beyond the aspects of communication only. Coverage is an important part in this. Therefore OceanSat is constantly looking into the most efficient way to seamlessly cover the major sailing routes around the globe. When looking for reliability with that coverage there is a high level of service that is expected to deliver. The questions asked are to ensure the correct solution and technical specifications of the highest standard. Automated Remote Management increases high level support. These appliances automate network management tasks 24/7 and enables to remotely access, monitor and control both satellite and traditional networking equipment. In the end OceanSat’s Connectivity is keeping you in touch. How has this rapid growth been achieved? Fred Maartens (OceanSat’s CEO) thinks that the rapid growth of his company OceanSat is anything but an accident of chance. He looks back on the company’s relatively brief, but exceptionally successful history. We started distributing the satellite communication antennas from Intellian Technologies in Europe back in 2005. Maartens’ initial contact with this Korean manufacturer dates back to 2004. The results since then have proved how right his choice was. Intellian Technologies’ vision and mission fitted in perfectly with Fred Maartens’ ambitious growth plan for OceanSat and this outstanding collaboration has resulted in an ever increasing number of satisfied customers. The products are absolutely top class, require very little maintenance and are exceptionally easy to use. A look into the future Fred Maartens feels that OceanSat BV has tremendous potential for growth in the near future. We will continue to service existing markets with the greatest possible care and quality, as we have achieved excellent results here to date. But we are capable of and want to achieve more. We expect new markets, in the shipping sector in particular, to offer our healthy company excellent opportunities for further growth. With high end solutions like ours, success is guaranteed! Visit us at Hall 2 at Stand 2107 Bridgescout: brugdetectiesysteem Ons nieuwe product is een brugdetectiesysteem dat aanvaringen met bruggen moet voorkomen. De Bridgescout is een onzichtbare lasersensor die continu waterpas blijft in een RVS kast, gemonteerd op of aan het stuurhuis met op de lessenaar een display waarop de afstand tot aan een brug te zien is. De Bridgescout meet vanaf 300 meter over een rivier of een kanaal. Op het moment dat er een vaststaand object gedetecteerd wordt, licht het display op in een groene kleur met daarin vermeld de afstand tot het object. Bij 200 meter wordt het display oranje met een onderbrekend akoestisch signaal, als het systeem tot op 100 meter van het object genaderd is wordt het display rood met een lang en duidelijk akoestisch signaal Als dit gebeurt betekent het dat het stuurhuis te hoog staat en u met het stuurhuis moet zakken of het schip afstoppen. Waarom? Omdat er wekelijks schepen tegen bruggen aanvaren met alle gevolgen van dien. De Bridgescout kan gekoppeld worden aan het elektronisch kaartsysteem aan boord om valse meldingen te vermijden. Tevens kan het systeem volgens de ATEX_norm uitgevoerd worden. De Bridgescout meet moeiteloos door regen, mist en sneeuw heen Verkooppunt: JasK Nederland BV Papendrecht. Geproduceerd door Sensorpartners uit Drunen. Voor informatie: 0623 52 37 35, De Joystick Control kan worden uitgebreid met een hold-position module. De Joystick Control is toepasbaar op bijna alle nieuwe en bestaande bedieningssystemen. The Joystick Control can be equipped with a hold-position module. The Joystick Control is fully compatible with most of the existing and new control systems in the industry. Straathof Controls BV v.d. Plasschelaan 4 8251PG Dronten 0321-382315