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De Binnenvaartkrant 30

De Binnenvaartkrant 30 28 augustus 2012 ZF Technologie – De slimste keuze. De hoogste standaard in voortstuwingsystemen Makkelijk onderhoud, lage levensduurkosten en blijvende prestaties, dat is waar ZF Marine producten voor staan. ZF Marine levert complete voortstuwingsystemen, zowel traditionele as lijn systemen als een ruime keuze aan roerpropellers, die voldoen aan alle classificatie standaards. Door het wereldwijde distributie en service netwerk, ondersteunt ZF Marine uw succesvolle bedrijfsvoering waar ook ter wereld. ZF Marine Krimpen b.v. is part of the ZF Marine group and was formerly known as HRP Thruster Systems b.v. ZF Marine Krimpen b.v., Zaag 27, 2931 LD Krimpen aan de Lek, The Netherlands, Tel. +31 (0)180 331 000 Driveline and Chassis Technology

De Binnenvaartkrant 31 28 augustus 2012 Van der Velden Marine Systems, specialist in the field of manoeuvring and propulsion efficiency, will exhibit at the SMM 2012 International Trade Fair in Hamburg. The fair will be held from 4 till 7 September at the Hamburg Messe. At booth A4.410, Van der Velden will present part of the entire product range which consists of different kind of rudders, ram-type and rotary vane steering gear and propulsion efficiency - enhancing products.Models and information of some top products like the BARKE and TIMON rudder as well as the Van der Velden COMMANDER rotary vane steering gear will be showed and provided at the booth. HAMBURG SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR HAMBURG ı 4 - 7 SEPTEMBER 2012 Van der Velden Marine Systems present at SMM are fastened to the inside of the rotor. The result is a quiet, space- and weight-saving drive capable of transmitting the electric power directly into propulsion - without transmission losses and noise caused by a gear box. The optimised hydrodynamic design with the blades inside leads to a considerable reduction of cavitation. Moreover the design is robust and maintenance-friendly. The highly efficient electric motor is cooled by the surrounding water. The SRT will be available worldwide in 2013. Van der Velden Marine Systems will take care of the distribution network in the Inland WaterWays and Superyachts sectors. The perfect solution for excellent manoeuvrability: the TIMON rudder Van der Velden Marine Systems supplies the well known flap-type TIMON rudder, which has a slidebar flap linkage. Thanks to the flaptype principle, the TIMON rudder has a high maximum lift that results in a first class manoeuvring performance. The simple slide-bar flap linkage is easy to maintain and construct, so this manoeuvrability comes at a competitive price. The slim profile design ensures that the drag is low. Van der Velden TIMON rudders can be provided with the ART - Asymmetric Rudder Technology. Presented on the SMM booth: the BARKE rudder The key driver behind the BARKE rudder is its innovative progressive high-lift design. The well shaped leading edge and vane elements ensure excellent manoeuvring and course keeping performance. Minimal clearance within the flap mechanism and flap bearings results in a noise and vibration free operation. In addition, all protruding parts are omitted to avoid turbulence and cavitation. The flap operation linkage system of the BARKE rudder is contained in a fully enclosed, grease lubricated housing. This results in minimum wear on the linkage components and protects it from corrosion and damage. An overload protection system is provided to prevent the rudders from jamming. Advanced engineering: Van der Velden COMMANDER steering gear Available in ram-type and rotary vane versions, Van der Velden COMMANDER steering gear systems are the product of advanced engineering at its best. The advanced sealing technology of the rotary vane prevents internal leakage and ensures a greatly extended seal life. The compact design and the fact that it only has one movable part ensures maintenance-free operation. The ram-type steering gear, mounted on a single adjustable foundation plate, can be installed easily at shipyards. The plug and play solution is easy to maintain, has minimum wear and reduces heat and noise. Rim Drive Thruster (SRT) for Superyachts and Inland WaterWay Vessels The SRT is an electrically operated thruster system without a gearbox and propeller shaft. The stator of the electric motor is integrated into the outer part of a tunnel. Blades Happy Hour Please join us on Wednesday, September 5th from 16.00 till 18.00 o’clock for a ‘Happy Hour’ at our stand. We will serve refreshments with finger foods and hope you will enjoy the music from ‘midnight mood’. We are looking forward to meeting you personally and welcoming you to the SMM 2012 in Hamburg. Further information: Van der Velden Marine Systems has been the first port of call for those who value manoeuvring excellence for almost 50 years. The company operates in three main areas: Inland WaterWays, Oceangoing Vessels and Yachting. Van der Velden rudders and steering gear are recognised as being stateof-the-art. Wherever possible, products are integrated in a complete system with a tailor-made approach. Reliability, ease of maintenance, safety and a long life-span are key drivers throughout the design, manufacturing and installation processes. Customers and yards alike benefit from an easy to install and integrated solution, a unified overall design and one project coordinator for the manoeuvring system. WENST ALLE DEELNEMERS AAN SMM SUCCES